Summer and Fall 2007 Pictures

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Weekend Escape
Mary 'n I sneaked away for a quiet weekend at Pop-up and Nana's cabin at the lake.

Thank you - we really needed the break!
A new tooth!
Wilma is excited to know she's growing up - She brushes her teeth everyday, and is very proud of her cheery smile.
We're building a new home - stay tuned for progress as we build our new nest.

More room - more windows - private places for the kids. And, we're hoping we'll have enough left for a pool!
Mary is teaching 5th Grade this year
Mary has received word that she was selected as a Master Teacher by her school district last year.

This year, Mary will be teaching in a new school - Ferndale Elementary
Our trip to Canada
This summer, we went to a foreign country where they speak our language.

Those 'Canucks' sure are polite - what's with them anyway?
It's a new school year
There's our little Betty - can you find her?

Shoot us an e-mail and tell us what she's wearing - we'll announce the winner next month!
Katrina is playing it safe
Grampa and Grama delivered a shiny new Kawasaki 4x4 for our little girl.

Katrina is eating up the trails all over our neighborhood - WATCH OUT!!!
Track & Field for Charles
Charlie is a super-star, and enjoying middle school. His favorite class is Phys.Ed. - who would have guessed?
Barney's Painting Pictures
Just 2 months in pre-school, and Barney is bringing home some amazing artwork.

One day he may even become a famous artist!